What are VPN Services?

Virtual private network is a network that is made by the individuals or companies to communicate. VPN is an intranet, a network between some devices either computer, routers, printers or any other networking device, these devices are not used by public but only by the authorized personals of a company. In other words VPN is private network made by the companies or individuals using the internet resources that are public but their network made thereby is private so there is no access on this VPN for public. So this VPN is made secure only to be used by the one company or inter related companies.



For example if a business group has hundred branches all over the world all those branches are communicating with each other on their own VPN. In this scenario their communication is more secured and isolated from the outer world using the resources available to the outer world like internet. Virtual word is also significant in this network because the network is made from different assumed routes to connect these hundred companies, but every route provide an isolated network for only these hundred companies. VPN is also considered a symbol of security for the companies and companies claim that they are on VPN for boosting up their standards among their competitors.

Although VPN is using public resources like internet or wires but it’s a private network, as private is a self-explanatory but in networking language a public network has no securities or constraint for general public for consuming its resources and a private network restricts public from consuming its resources. On a private network (VPN) public is not allowed to access it, in private network (VPN) some constraint are formulated on it to restrict the general public to access it, that make the  network secure. Only authorized people are allowed to access this network.


Private internet access VPN makes the devices or computers to communicate with each other securely, the data sent between the devices are not readable for the outer world as it is encrypted, so this data can only be decrypt by the device on the same network, using same algorithm that was used while encryption, because only the devices in that VPN know that what algorithm has been used to encrypt the message and vice versa.

Security is a big factor in evolution of the VPN but VPN is also cost effective as in corporate, VPN restricts public to use its resources that results in low traffic on the network so less usage of the bandwidth as it only permits people who are authorized. This mean company exactly has idea about its network traffic so it can spend on this network according to its needs, and no unseen or unexpected traffic is considered to spread its resources.